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  • Sheena Jones
    Sheena Jones 9/09/2018 12:42 Thank you so much honey... you are always so sweet 💋
  • Darla Sinclair
    Darla Sinclair 9/06/2018 13:29 Thankyou Boyd.xo D
  • Ella Desiree
    Ella Desiree 9/03/2018 13:27 Thanks for welcoming me Boyd :)
  • Jayne Morgan
    Jayne Morgan 8/17/2018 12:26 Hi Boyd too bad too much distance
  • Diane CD Pantyhose
    Diane CD Pantyhose 8/07/2018 15:52 Thank you for the B-Day wishes Boyd !
  • Michele Ryan
    Michele Ryan 8/06/2018 13:35 Thank u for that sweet happy birthday, Boyd...xxoo.
  • Meredith
    Meredith 8/05/2018 08:58 Hello Boyd, not sure what part of NY you are in, but I will be in the NW part of the state in 2 or 3 weeks - actually from Binghamton to Syracuse the 1st week, and Buffalo to Syracuse the 2nd week
  • Darla Sinclair
    Darla Sinclair 7/22/2018 14:26 Thank you Boyd. xo D
  • Diane
    Diane 7/12/2018 05:10 HI Boyd... too bad we are so far away I can think of many fun adventures. Feel free to write anytime... Diane
  • victoria
    victoria 7/11/2018 13:54 Thank you so much.
  • Diane
    Diane 7/09/2018 06:19 Hello Sweets... thank you for the nice comment on my profile and if you wish to talk please lets. I adore high heels and high heeled boots although I cant afford them often I do enjoy them. Enjoyed reading your profile. Have a nice day.. and behave yourself ( NOT ).. HuggsDiane
  • Roxie T Katz
    Roxie T Katz 7/07/2018 05:28 hugs to you Boyd....and thank you very much for your kind thought...:)and a VERY Happy Birthday to you!
  • Karyn Marie
    Karyn Marie 7/05/2018 16:32 Happy Birthday Boyd....
  • Karen Maris
    Karen Maris 7/04/2018 16:05 Happy Birthday Boyd!
  • Jayne Morgan
    Jayne Morgan 7/02/2018 11:32 Oh Thank you so much Boyd
  • Ginger Jo Scott
    Ginger Jo Scott 7/02/2018 07:31 Thank you Boyd!!! Have a great 4th of July! Fly your flag!
  • Kristine Fox
    Kristine Fox 7/01/2018 07:23 Happy Birthday Handsome :-)
  • Cynthia
    Cynthia 6/17/2018 17:26 thank you for the comments
  • Holly
    Holly 6/15/2018 07:13 I enjoyed our chat Boyd. I have accepted your friend request and look forward to talking again. Be a good boy or you will get a spanking. xoxo
  • Laura B
    Laura B 6/06/2018 13:50 Thank you boys. Glad to be here

Page 1 of 5 (83 Entries)


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