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  • Suzanne LeBizarre
    Suzanne LeBizarre 9/07/2017 18:55 Marcus, only into other gurls who dress fully to the max including wigs and makeup...this gurl is into FETISH dressing and erotic (non-painful) sensual bondages (Dressing for Pleasure!) but appreciates you seeking her attention...I do know how difficult it is...
  • Sarah
    Sarah 9/02/2017 23:45 Thank you Marcus, the name of the site made me feel welcome, i look forward to like minded chat
  • Ginger Jo Scott
    Ginger Jo Scott 8/28/2017 07:10 Thank YOU!
  • Ashlii Diana Prince
    Ashlii Diana Prince 8/01/2017 20:23 Thank you :)
  • Katherine Taylor
    Katherine Taylor 7/25/2017 21:12 thank you
  • Marianne
    Marianne 7/11/2017 19:21 Thank you Marcu. B-D kisses to you
  • Gabi
    Gabi 7/09/2017 05:22 Thank you very much! I appreciate it
  • Natalie
    Natalie 6/19/2017 15:38 Thanks Marcus! The butterfly within me is just bursting to get out!
  • Christine Tucker
    Christine Tucker 6/19/2017 15:36 Thank you very much marcus!
  • Brandi Walters
    Brandi Walters 4/25/2017 11:57 Love the clothing!Makes you look rather dashing.If you would care to discuss the workings of the reality we occupy then please feel free to contact me at my personal email: light.walters@gmail.comBlessings,Brandi
  • Tia
    Tia 4/13/2017 13:24 Thank you....
  • Aleksandra Y Kovalenko
    Aleksandra Y Kovalenko 2/14/2017 17:58 Thanks 4 pleasant words from u :* melting here )))
  • Kira Huang
    Kira Huang 1/23/2017 18:36 Thank you for the kind words Marcus.xoxoxKira
  • Jenel
    Jenel 1/20/2017 02:18 Thank you very much Marcus!
  • Kimiko
    Kimiko 1/19/2017 01:13 thank you marcus, for the encouraging words.
  • Jeanette
    Jeanette 1/18/2017 19:38 Thank You, Marcus.
  • Francine
    Francine 1/14/2017 08:40 Thanks for stopping by Marcus. I do hope all is well. Take care my friend.. ~ Francine
  • Wendy olivia
    Wendy olivia 9/18/2016 08:47 Hey...Thanks for the sweet words on my page...Hugs Wendy
  • Tanisha Susan
    Tanisha Susan 8/16/2016 07:41 Thank you Marcus, I see you have the perfect profile!
  • Savannah Mckinsey
    Savannah Mckinsey 7/13/2016 20:38 Hey thanks for the message;)

Page 1 of 2 (36 Entries)


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