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Kristine Fox

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Guest Book Entries for Kristine Fox

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  • Martina B
    Martina B 11/10/2017 14:04 Adorbs!!! Thank you for accepting Friends Request!!!
  • Angie Renee Rineheart
    Angie Renee Rineheart 10/25/2017 06:06 Thank you for the warm welcome, Kristine. UR lovely.
  • Joseph
    Joseph 10/25/2017 05:53 You have an absolutely gorgeous smile Kristine!
  • Jennifer Woods
    Jennifer Woods 10/24/2017 05:46 Beautiful :)
  • Nessa
    Nessa 10/22/2017 19:32 Thank you for stopping by Kristine. Love your photos you look amazing.
  • Jacqueline Sinclair
    Jacqueline Sinclair 10/10/2017 09:41 Yes. You surely are!
    TRACI 10/07/2017 08:24 Look fab sweetie!!...ever visit Vegas???TRACI
  • Francine
    Francine 10/07/2017 06:32 Hi Kristine! Thanks for stopping by. Take care. ~ Francine
  • Sheena Jones
    Sheena Jones 10/06/2017 18:17 Hey gorgeous, thank you. So nice to hear from you and looking forward to chat with you again. You look fabulous honey...kiss kiss
  • Star Gibson
    Star Gibson 10/03/2017 21:43 I hope to become good friends with you.I think your gorgeous!
  • Kelly J Chan
    Kelly J Chan 10/02/2017 07:20 Thanks Hon
  • greg
    greg 10/01/2017 07:20 Lovely pics very beautiful
  • Joanna
    Joanna 9/24/2017 16:49 Thank you for your kind words, Dear! You are ever so lovely yourself! We are not really that far apart. I would love to meet someday.
  • Savannah Mckinsey
    Savannah Mckinsey 9/13/2017 19:56 Thanks Girlfriend!!
  • marcus
    marcus 9/08/2017 09:57 On behalf of myself, an admirer, may you cotinue to blossom into the beautiful woman you are inside out! And each day brings self-validity you are happiest being true to yourself!
  • John James Larkin
    John James Larkin 9/07/2017 13:19 Your feminine sensuality is strong and very appealing. Thanks for being who you are
  • Vani T
    Vani T 9/06/2017 14:36 Thanks Kristine. Love the red hair!
  • Heather Elizabeth Stevens
    Heather Elizabeth Stevens 9/01/2017 13:25 What a cutie! Thanks for the request to be a friend. Hugs, Heather
  • Alexis
    Alexis 9/01/2017 06:34 I love your photos sweetie! Absolutely gorgeous!
  • Diana Renee
    Diana Renee 8/25/2017 17:01 Kristine I would love to chat sometime!

Page 1 of 7 (140 Entries)


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