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Soo Poontang

"Not so, New girl on the block."

Guest Book Entries for Soo Poontang

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  • JelissaParis
    JelissaParis 2/21/2018 08:48 Afcorce dear friend Like you so much
  • JelissaParis
    JelissaParis 2/20/2018 10:02 Pretty much so beautiful so femme
  • Christine Tucker
    Christine Tucker 2/19/2018 14:28 I wish i had a sexy lady like you to play with the curse always gets me!
  • Christine Tucker
    Christine Tucker 2/19/2018 14:22 omg your hot hope you love sex too
  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 2/14/2018 20:36 Aww. Thanks! Makeovers are wonderful but I need to learn to make myself over. You are beautiful!
  • Andy 2/13/2018 18:42 Hi sweetcheeks
  • Diedre Leslie
    Diedre Leslie 2/11/2018 19:14 you are soo cute. id love to spend a day shopping,and fashion show each other. kisses deidre
  • Sandee 2/11/2018 11:20 Hi Yes it has been a long time! I see from your profile that things are good with you! Glad to see that. Good here too. Not much happening.I have been out a couple of times but nothing exciting. You look wonderful. Hope to run into you somewhere along the line. I missed FE. Stay in touch
  • Una Leandrah
    Una Leandrah 2/10/2018 02:11 thank u for the welcome
  • Gene    - Ó Ceallaigh
    Gene - Ó Ceallaigh 2/09/2018 17:37 thanks, you are lovely and have great taste...
  • Katie_socal_sd
    Katie_socal_sd 2/09/2018 16:51 Message me darling on YahooIM or Kik... xox
  • Bella Cox
    Bella Cox 2/09/2018 07:44 Awww.... would love to chat more and maybe one day get to dress together....
  • Katie_socal_sd
    Katie_socal_sd 2/08/2018 17:43 Hi Soo, hope we chat soon, love your photo soo sexy ! :)-
  • Bella Cox
    Bella Cox 2/07/2018 08:49 Thanks I wish I could dress like that much more
  • BrendaTV46
    BrendaTV46 2/04/2018 11:47 Thank you so much. You are beautiful
  • Kristine Fox
    Kristine Fox 1/25/2018 07:07 Thank you sweetheart! I lv the pics!! ;-)
  • Roxy
    Roxy 1/23/2018 15:29 Hi Soo, you look great.
  • Mikew
    Mikew 1/21/2018 13:41 nice legs too, thanks for the message
  • Mikew
    Mikew 1/19/2018 13:45 nice smile
  • Nobel Ryder
    Nobel Ryder 1/17/2018 21:49 Your feminine spirit just rocks, captivating and soulful! Nice

Page 1 of 6 (103 Entries)


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