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  • Trinity
    Trinity 5/07/2018 12:44 hello how are you doing sweetie
  • Miriya Jade Paris
    Miriya Jade Paris 4/18/2018 15:22 Hello, thank you very much. You look fantastic as well. Maybe we can chat once in a while we have a lot in common.
  • Michelle C.
    Michelle C. 4/07/2018 05:10 If you find the answer to your profile question - please DO share it!!!
  • Amanda
    Amanda 4/02/2018 17:05 Thank you hon :) Appreciate it.
  • Clarissa St Clair
    Clarissa St Clair 3/30/2018 21:09 Thank you. You look very nice too.
  • alice anne parker
    alice anne parker 3/28/2018 05:12 Thanks CC Rayne, love your look too!
  • Deena Deluca
    Deena Deluca 3/22/2018 07:20 Mine found stash and flipped, be very careful! You look lovely BTW
  • MissTerious
    MissTerious 3/20/2018 12:37 So pretty, wish your wife would understand and participate, mine did. It was wonderful.
  • GypsyAtlanta 3/20/2018 09:44 Your the bombPerhaps we can ignite togetherlol
  • Christine Tucker
    Christine Tucker 3/20/2018 08:29 Thank you you pretty lady MWAH!
  • Sheena Jones
    Sheena Jones 3/19/2018 18:38 Oh wow!!! thank you honey....and you are so breath taking!!! kisses
  • Amy
    Amy 3/18/2018 11:02 CC Thank you so very much stopping by my page and leaving such a nice compliment. My goodness! Your eyes are absolutely killer. Stop by for a chat anytime you want.
  • Janet Brooke Ellis
    Janet Brooke Ellis 3/17/2018 05:46 TY for the wonderful compliment GF. Hope we can chat sometime
  • Lynn Amanda Reina
    Lynn Amanda Reina 3/13/2018 18:07 Hi CC, Thanks for the compliment you are a doll! Hugs
  • Katie Ann Hightower
    Katie Ann Hightower 3/11/2018 07:41 hello CC - lovely look girl and so fun to be out socially - Hope the Spring season is a good one for you !
  • Tara D. Madelyn
    Tara D. Madelyn 3/06/2018 13:55 well hi there CCRayne, and thank you so much, you are gorgous
  • Sabrina T Tress
    Sabrina T Tress 3/05/2018 18:34 *MUAH* Thanks! Back at ya x10.
  • Ms Nina Devour
    Ms Nina Devour 3/05/2018 07:45 Thank you sweet angel for those kind words.. warm hugs and wet kisses.... Nina.
  • Dayna D
    Dayna D 3/04/2018 21:44 Hi CC, thanks for stopping by and leaving message. You are gorgeous! xoxo Dayna
  • Francine
    Francine 3/04/2018 08:48 Hi Rayne. I hope all is well. Welcome to URNA. Take care! ~ Francine

Page 1 of 2 (37 Entries)


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