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Melanie Bowman

"Wishing that all the very special ladies here will have a very special Spring and be the very best Ladies that you can be "

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  • Ashley Houston
    Ashley Houston 4/24/2017 02:30 thank you.
  • Teri
    Teri 4/21/2017 16:07 Thanks Melanie you are very kind girl...I live in the Macon area of Georgia....too bad you are not still in the area.
  • SweetPaula
    SweetPaula 4/21/2017 07:52 Awww... thank you! especially since I have always been so shy about my smile.. Very sweet of you... and yes, I am soooo happy to have found this site! And girls like you..
  • Francine
    Francine 4/18/2017 09:01 Thanks for the birthday wish Melanie. I hope all is well and you have a great day too! tc ~ Francine
  • Nikola
    Nikola 4/18/2017 05:54 thank you for sharing your pretty smile with me. it was a good day
  • Jen_edwards
    Jen_edwards 4/17/2017 23:31 MELANIE,Thank you so overmuch for the kind birthday wishes. I hope that you are as happy as I am every day of your life.
  • Kirsten
    Kirsten 4/12/2017 07:04 Thanks for the birthday wishes Melanie!
  • Gina Marie
    Gina Marie 4/10/2017 07:24 Hi Melanie...Thank you so much for your sweet Birthday Wishes. You are too nice, and a pleasure to have as a GF. Hugs, Gina.
  • Marina
    Marina 4/08/2017 18:38 Thank you for the birthday greetings.
  • sissyHeather 4/07/2017 05:20 Thank you for the kind words Melanie
  • Janelle  Stephens
    Janelle Stephens 4/05/2017 06:49 My week is fabulous I hope yours is too
  • Cynthia Ann Dubois
    Cynthia Ann Dubois 4/03/2017 19:49 Thanks for the birthday greetings.
  • bobbi
    bobbi 4/03/2017 13:39 Thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes. You just too sweet.Bobbi
  • Barbara Kay Aimes
    Barbara Kay Aimes 4/02/2017 23:19 Wow!...Thx Melanie for the warm wishes...It really means alot to hear those words from others I admire so much as I do with you...all the best to you as well!...
  • Jeri  Kaye
    Jeri Kaye 4/02/2017 13:06 Hi Melanie: Again thank you for the kind welcome. Please accept my friend request, Would love to chat with you sometime soon. ((HUGS))Jeri
  • Francine
    Francine 4/02/2017 07:47 Hi Melanie! Thanks for stopping by. All is well here as can be. I hope all is well with you too. tc ~ Francine
  • Hanna Olsen
    Hanna Olsen 4/01/2017 04:55 Thank you for the birthday wishes... that was so sweet of you! xoxo
  • Sylvia Jones
    Sylvia Jones 3/31/2017 15:22 Hi Melanie,Thanks for stopping by!Kiss,Sylvia
  • Jeri  Kaye
    Jeri Kaye 3/30/2017 23:47 Hi Melanie: Thank you so much for the warm welcome. ((HUGS)) !
  • Geraldine Renee Hatcher
    Geraldine Renee Hatcher 3/30/2017 19:33 Thank you Melanie. xxxxx

Page 1 of 35 (692 Entries)


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