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Melanie Bowman

" Wishing that all the very special ladies here will have a very special Fall and be the very best Ladies that you can be"

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  • Angel
    Angel 9/20/2017 21:31 Your comments always brighten my day. Thank you for the birthday wishes.
  • Christine Dupont
    Christine Dupont 9/20/2017 18:10 Thank you for your lovely comment. Christine
  • Suni Johnson
    Suni Johnson 9/20/2017 17:31 Howdy MELANIE, thank you so much for the bday wishes of which I am happy to see an read. My day was not great but when Debi call for sure Made my day. Glad things are going good for you. Proud of you also. You go Girl.
  • Nessa
    Nessa 9/19/2017 07:03 Thank you so much for the birthday wishes Melanie.
  • Sherri-Lynn T
    Sherri-Lynn T 9/18/2017 16:06 Thank you Melanie!
  • silky
    silky 9/15/2017 12:02 Thanks for the birthday wishes
  • Joanna
    Joanna 9/15/2017 09:45 Thanks for the birthday greeting!
  • Caroline Wang
    Caroline Wang 9/12/2017 07:31 Hi Melanie, thank you for the message. You are beautiful, too. :)
  • TR Carter
    TR Carter 9/11/2017 22:07 Hi, Melanie...thanks for stopping by to say hi, and thanks for your kind words. You always have something nice to say. As I state in my Profile, I will probably be on line for just a little while longer. So, thanks for your friendship. I wish you well.
  • Deana E H
    Deana E H 9/10/2017 14:24 thank you so much for the birthday wishes. hope you are having a good beginning of autumn.
  • Dawnnie
    Dawnnie 9/09/2017 14:23 Hi Melanie I have just started to dress up again. The wig I have is a cheap halloween one but I am shopping for one. Also I can get better at putting on makeup, you tube to the rescue. Thank you for your warm welcome. Dawnnie
  • Megan wood
    Megan wood 9/09/2017 06:38 Melanie (such a beautiful bame) tha,no you for the kind welcome. Also thank you for the kind words in my photo. Pleasure to make tour acquitance
  • Courtney
    Courtney 9/08/2017 05:39 Hi Melanie... Yes, everything went really great with my new friend, thank you! It was so nice meeting a genetic girl for coffee. It has been a challenge finding genetic girls who are open and accepting of me, and hopefully things will continue to grow and develop over time.
  • Zina
    Zina 9/04/2017 20:05 thanks Melanie
  • Courtney
    Courtney 9/01/2017 05:46 Hi Melanie... Thank you so much hon, it is so nice to be back! Hope is is well with you my friend. Have a great day and a beautiful Labor Day Weekend as well!!! HUGS ... Courtney xoxoxoxo
  • Kelli Lynne Rossi
    Kelli Lynne Rossi 8/29/2017 21:43 Hi Melanie! thank you for the bday wish. I thought I caught you on flickr. I sent a message and thought it was you. Did you have a flickr page?
  • Ashleigh1973
    Ashleigh1973 8/28/2017 18:41 Thank you Melanie
  • Jennifer Lynn Baggarly
    Jennifer Lynn Baggarly 8/27/2017 04:55 Thank you for the beautiful birthday wishes. I dont really get on here anymore. Please accept my facebook friend request.
  • Donna Brewster
    Donna Brewster 8/26/2017 20:58 Thanks it was a very fun day
  • Chris Tee
    Chris Tee 8/25/2017 11:55 Thx hon--very happy to be back and to meet you!

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