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Melanie Bowman

"Melanie is frustrated because about 1/4 of the people who try to send me comments they do not go through I had 2 today"

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  • Jamie Roland
    Jamie Roland 9/20/2018 16:32 Thank you very much!
  • Donna Brewster
    Donna Brewster 9/17/2018 20:17 Thanks i will try to stay young, but will always have a big smile.Hugs to you
  • Melissa Beth Lowrie
    Melissa Beth Lowrie 9/17/2018 14:56 Thank you Melanie!! Hugs!!
  • Dawn Tilivine
    Dawn Tilivine 9/12/2018 21:05 Thank you for your post! I appreciate you taking the time to say kind things to me. I would love to send you all of my best wishes! xx Dawn
  • Brianna Leggs
    Brianna Leggs 9/10/2018 08:54 Thank you for the birthday wishes Melanie! Very sweet things you said. Helped make my day a good one. =)
  • Deana E H
    Deana E H 9/10/2018 05:01 thank you so much for the birthday wishes. hope you are doing well. here finally made it to the place i could retire comfy. so did. yeah every day is a saturday.
  • Donna Brewster
    Donna Brewster 9/08/2018 22:21 Thanks for the Birthday wish
  • Ella Desiree
    Ella Desiree 9/04/2018 10:17 Thanks for the welcoming message, dear! :)
  • Carole
    Carole 9/03/2018 03:38 I see that you posted sometime ago that some peoples comments were not reaching you. Was this issue resolved as I noticed the site has been slow to respond since I started to use it again.
  • Tasi Zuriack
    Tasi Zuriack 9/02/2018 22:13 Thank you Melanie
  • GypsyAtlanta
    GypsyAtlanta 9/02/2018 09:16 Thank you Melanie!
  • Laurence
    Laurence 9/02/2018 02:43 Melanie, Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, you are so sweet, kiss… Laurence
  • Erica
    Erica 9/02/2018 01:05 Thank you for the birthday wishes hon. I really appreciate it, and wish you all the best in your journeys in life!
  • Melissa A Sheridan
    Melissa A Sheridan 8/31/2018 15:00 Melanie, once again went out of your way to wish me a happy Birthday... thanks so much!
  • Carole
    Carole 8/31/2018 04:05 I am not expecting to get elected as I am candidate 16 out of 19 on my parties list.There are 19 seats on our Town Council and 5 parties taking part in the election but we do hope to be part of the governing coalition. Only way I could get elected is if the 300 non Belgian voters voted for me.
  • Carole
    Carole 8/30/2018 03:29 Thanks for the support in some ways she is correct in that I am standing for election to the town council and there has been security issues with facebook here in Belgium.So I agreed to close the face book account and my best friends are back to writing emails.
  • Carole
    Carole 8/29/2018 01:55 Things not so good at present I am in hot water with my partner. Some friends who I used to email convinced me to open a Facebook account.I forgot to talk it over with my partner and now she is miffed that I di not do so and sees this as an expansion of my fem side.
  • Courtney
    Courtney 8/28/2018 21:28 Hi Melanie... Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are having a beautiful evening. I love your profile pic and pictures so much, you are very beautiful! Have a great rest of the week! HUGS ... Courtney xoxoxoxo
  • Rebekkah Allison Smith
    Rebekkah Allison Smith 8/25/2018 00:16 Hey Melanie...greetings from the Carolinas. Havea nice labor day weekend,,,huggz...rebekkah
  • Candace Raquel Teetsel
    Candace Raquel Teetsel 8/24/2018 16:28 Thank you so very much for the Birthday wishes my dear beautiful Long distance West Coast Girlfriend . I had a great Day. Love you Lady!

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