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Melanie Bowman

"Melanie is frustrated because about 1/4 of the people who try to send me comments they do not go through I had 2 today"

Guest Book Entries for Melanie Bowman

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  • Eliza
    Eliza 11/15/2018 00:41 Thank you so much Melanie.
  • Lori Lynn
    Lori Lynn 11/12/2018 12:51 Thank you very much.
  • Jill Leanne Lacey
    Jill Leanne Lacey 11/12/2018 05:14 Thanks sis, as always. Hugs, Jill
  • Julie Michelle Shaw
    Julie Michelle Shaw 11/09/2018 13:48 Thank you again for the birthday greetings, Sweetie!
  • Kimberly Hirschel
    Kimberly Hirschel 11/06/2018 12:20 Thank you so much Melanie, for the good wishes. Have a lovely day. :-)
  • Kc Po
    Kc Po 11/05/2018 17:22 Thank you Melanie, you are too kind....I had a nice boring Bday
  • Ashley Crossdress
    Ashley Crossdress 11/04/2018 15:51 Thanks hun, always need to smile......Take care and would love to chat with you
  • Julie ONeill
    Julie ONeill 11/03/2018 05:16 Thank you Melanie
  • Katia Steelman Walker
    Katia Steelman Walker 11/01/2018 04:56 Very good to receive your compliments ... Thank you for your sweet words. Kisses
  • Donna R
    Donna R 10/31/2018 17:06 Our such a dear to say that, blush appreciate it all the same Melanie dear
  • Katia Steelman Walker
    Katia Steelman Walker 10/30/2018 12:54 Thank you for the words. May your future allow you to achieve all your dreams. thanks for existing!
  • Teree Webster
    Teree Webster 10/30/2018 07:57 Thanks for the Birthday wishes from another lovely Lady.
  • Barena
    Barena 10/28/2018 22:37 Thank you beautiful for the sweet awesome words!
  • Tracilyn
    Tracilyn 10/27/2018 09:18 Thanks for the Birthday wishes. Happy Halloween!!
  • Miss Joni Doll
    Miss Joni Doll 10/21/2018 08:43 Thanks so much for all the beautiful well-wishes for my Bday!!! Hugs, Joni :)
  • Emily
    Emily 10/20/2018 20:43 Thank you for the birthday wishes, :)
  • Mary B. Contrary
    Mary B. Contrary 10/17/2018 18:27 Thank you so much, Melanie, very much appreciated!Mary
  • Joanne Pare
    Joanne Pare 10/15/2018 14:13 Dearest Melanie, Thank You! XO
  • Joan
    Joan 10/14/2018 13:07 Thank you Melanie
  • Francine
    Francine 10/13/2018 06:01 Hi Melanie! Thanks for stopping by. I hope all is well. hugggs~ Francine

Page 1 of 26 (506 Entries)


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