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Melanie Bowman

"Wishing that all that very special Ladies will have a very blessed 2019 and be the very best ladies they can be. "

Guest Book Entries for Melanie Bowman

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  • Linda Davis 2/14/2019 08:33 Thanks for the nice welcome. I try to make sure that all this is as much fun as possible and enjoy every minute of the experience. Hugs Linda
  • Dianne Vernon
    Dianne Vernon 2/14/2019 04:29 Hi Melanie, sorry for the late reply, but rather late than never i guess. Thank you so much and I hope all is going well with you!HugsDianne
  • Suzie
    Suzie 2/13/2019 09:34 Hi! Thanks for the birthday wishes and kind words! So sweet!
  • Steph Fredericks
    Steph Fredericks 2/13/2019 09:28 Thank you so much for the kind words. Nice to meet you as well. :)
  • Jennifer Nava Orozco
    Jennifer Nava Orozco 2/11/2019 18:25 The same for you Melanie!! The best for you!
  • Jamie
    Jamie 2/11/2019 14:48 Thanks for the lovely message, Melanie
  • Jackie
    Jackie 2/11/2019 08:49 Thank you sweetie! You are very thoughtful! Hugs
  • Cindy Solesta
    Cindy Solesta 2/10/2019 14:28 Hello Melanie - actually times are not sooo great right now, but I should not complain - things will be different again in the future! Ty for your comment, you are such a sweet girl! XO
  • Gina
    Gina 2/09/2019 04:56 thanks Melanie
  • Shannon Steels
    Shannon Steels 2/08/2019 07:22 Morning Melanie!! Thanks for the note!! I so wish o was down in CA with you than shovelling out of a ton of snow!! Have a great day!!! Xoxoxo
  • Jennifer Nava Orozco
    Jennifer Nava Orozco 2/07/2019 22:24 Hello Sweety.. thank you for your comments on my guest book. Hope to be in touch. kisses
  • Judy Walstedter
    Judy Walstedter 2/07/2019 20:43 Hi Melanie,Thanks for your kind words.
  • Cynthia
    Cynthia 2/06/2019 09:51 Thank you.
  • Muffy
    Muffy 2/04/2019 04:30 Hi Melanie !!!! Your a doll !!!
  • Anouk
    Anouk 2/02/2019 10:50 Thank you, Melanie!
  • Judy Walstedter
    Judy Walstedter 1/30/2019 10:05 Thank you Melanie so for such wonderful compliments and comments on my birthday
  • Clare Montgomerey
    Clare Montgomerey 1/29/2019 16:48 Thanks Melanie very sweet of you
  • Lucinda
    Lucinda 1/28/2019 05:28 hello Melanie its nice to meet you. you look great, and being your self. just like i do when i dress up
  • Michelle
    Michelle 1/28/2019 04:23 Melanie, thank you so very much. It is so nice to be here. I do so much love being a woman, and I have so much planned for my journey. Love, Michelle
  • KarenRomance
    KarenRomance 1/28/2019 03:56 hi melanie xx, thinking about you and wanted to sending you a great big hug! hope all is well. keep in touch. send e-email anytime stay pretty. karen.

Page 1 of 30 (586 Entries)


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